Strategy Coaching Package




Strategy Call #1 - Define Who You Are and What You Do

Your 5 Takeaways After This Call:

  • We'll narrow down the direction to go in
  • Define your niche, who you're targeting
  • Solidify your avatar statement
  • Update the page or group name so you will be found in searches
  • Ideas for your cover photo and group description

Strategy Call #2 - Do a Deep Dive

Your 5 Takeaways After This Call:

  • We'll talk about what you're posting - the look, the brand, etc. and what changes need to be made
  • Review what has worked and why, plus I'll show you how to make your Insights work for you
  • Review what you could be doing better to keep engagement high and get new people joining your group
  • I'll show you how to get more emails on your list via your page or group plus I'll help you finish your lead magnet and get that "launched" so you can start building your list!
  • I'll create and share with you a custom template in Canva with designs you can use and create for your page or group

Strategy Call #3 - Get Into the Nitty Gritty

Your 5 Takeaways After This Call:  

  • I'll show you how to be "social" on your page or in your group - we'll do a screenshare, and I'll show you exactly what I would do if it were my Group or Page
  • You'll know the exact steps to take daily to post, respond, comment, etc.
  • I'll show you how to use your personal profile on FB to get more followers or people into your group
  • We'll review everything you've done so far and tweak whatever is needed
  • I'll give you 2 ways to monetize your Group