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Build Your List Blueprint
$47.00 4 Sections 8 Lessons

Go from 0 to 500 email subscribers in 3 easy steps!

What if you lost access to your social media? Would you still be able to get in touch with your customers and prospects? Or would you be stuck out in the cold? Anything can happen these days, and remember this: you do not own your social media pages! Having an email list is ESSENTIAL in business today, and if you haven’t built yours yet or it’s not as large as you’d like it to be, you’ve got to take action or risk having a reliable way to keep in contact with your customers. 

This Course is for you if:

  • You don’t have an email list yet or you want to build the one you’ve started
  • You don’t have a lead magnet or the one you have isn’t working for you
  • You are lost when it comes to writing the emails to send to your customers after they sign up for your freebie
  • You don’t know how to grow your list and need some fresh ideas
  • You want to work with me personally to help you build your list and get your systems in place!

The Build Your List Blueprint course includes videos, handouts, Canva templates/training, and you get access to ME in a Private Facebook Group!

FREE - Canva - Basic Tips & Tricks
$0.00 2 Sections 3 Lessons

Are you new to Canva or a pro looking for some tips and tricks? This course is for you!

FREE - Instagram - Basic Training
$0.00 2 Sections 4 Lessons

Instagram doesn't have to be difficult IF you know the basics! Check out these video lessons to get your IG on track.

FREE - Business - Basic Training
$0.00 1 Sections 2 Lessons

Looking for some extra help and training to build your business? Enroll these FREE video lessons!

FREE - Content Creation Tips & Tricks
$0.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

Learn some tips and tricks for creating content that gets engagement!

FREE - Facebook - Basic Training
$0.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

Let's get started with Facebook Pages and Groups!

FREE - Facebook Group Sales Strategies Course
$0.00 1 Sections 5 Lessons

In these 5 lessons, you'll learn some of the steps you can take to start getting sales in your Facebook Group.